Project Description

Xinjiang Guanghui Luyou sulfur Chemical Co., Ltd. Is based on the development, taking social and economic progress as the motive force, relying on regional resource advantages and industrial base to build 40,000 t / a DMDS co-production 10,000 t / Of which: a project 10,000 tons / year DMDS co-production 05,000 tons / year DMSO, two projects 30,000 tons / year DMDS co-production 05,000 tons / year DMSO, the total investment of 497.87 million yuan.

The project of dimethyl disulfide production equipment using domestic first new technology - methyl mercaptan curing method, abandon the domestic traditional dimethyl sulfate method (this method although the process is simple and mature, but the product yield is low, the environmental pollution ), Methyl mercaptan sulfide method belongs to advanced technology, our company's dimethyl disulfide device for the first set of the use of the technology of industrial production of dimethyl disulfide demonstration device, the raw materials relying on the Xinjiang New Energy Co., Ltd. Guanghui production Of methanol and hydrogen sulfide, methanol and hydrogen sulfide reaction of methyl mercaptan, dimethyl sulfide, respectively, and then oxidation of dimethyl disulfide and dimethyl sulfoxide. 2, high conversion rate of raw materials, good catalyst selectivity; 3, less consumption of raw materials, low production costs; 4, the product quality is good, easy to control, easy to control the production process; Reached or exceeded the domestic top level. The technology has advanced production technology, high product quality, good sales prospects, competitive products and other favorable conditions, the production of DMDS and DMSO products are high value-added fine sulfur chemical products, suitable for the development of circular economy product chain, will produce a huge Of the economic and social benefits.