Guanghui Energy Development History

As of the end of 2015, Guanghui Energy has a total share capital of 5.221 billion shares. Owners' equity attributable to shareholders of listed companies is 10.876 billion yuan, 79 times the beginning of the listing.

Adequate resources - the accumulation of energy development momentum

 Coal resources

1, Guanghui Energy existing Hami Nao Maohu, Altay Fu Yun two coal resources, the total reserves of more than 20 billion tons. In which Baishihu open-air coal mine has been formed 10 million tons of production scale.

2, Naowohu region is a high oil content of oil-rich oil, high oil coal, oil and gas content of more than 30%, is the country's scarce oil and gas coal resources. At the same time with low ash, low sulfur, high calorific value, high reactivity characteristics, is a high-quality chemical, thermal coal. / 3, oil and gas resources

4, Guanghui Energy in Kazakhstan has Zaisang, South Imashev two oil and gas blocks, of which 1.592 billion tons of oil resources (including prospective reserves), natural gas resources of 421.3 billion square (including prospects and forecast).

Energy logistics advantages

 Energy aorta - two special transport lines and a cross-border natural gas pipeline

1, Nao Mao Lake - Gansu Liu Gou mine road:

A total length of about 480 km, by LNG motor transport, the annual transport capacity of about 25 million tons.

2, Nao Maohu - Hongliu River Railway:

Is the first by the state approved by the private enterprise holdings built into the national medium and long-term road network planning of the railway, a total length of 445 kilometers, can carry tons of large columns.

3, Kazakhstan Zaisang - China Ji Mu is transnational natural gas pipeline:

The total length of about 118.5 km, designed to transport 500 million cubic meters of natural gas, is China's first private capital construction and operation of the cross-border energy pipeline, the two countries have been the special approval of the Government, December 18, 2012, The pipeline to complete the border docking, all through.

The country has 199 filling stations, Gansu region, Ningxia region, Sanmenxia regional companies such as 13 regional companies

Energy development direction

The company in the next period of strategic development direction, is committed to energy development industry chain management model, in the country, "along the way," the strategic layout of the stability of the

Exhibition Central Asia market, and actively explore the North American market, focus on doing a good job, "four three" project:

1, the development of three kinds of resources: coal, natural gas, oil;

2, to build three bases: Xinjiang, clean and efficient use of coal conversion base, Central Asian oil and gas comprehensive development base, North American oil and gas development base;

3, the construction of three logistics parks: Jiangsu Qidong, Gansu Jiujia, Ningxia Zhongwei;

4, open up three logistics channels: out of Xinjiang logistics channel (including railways, highways), China-Kazakhstan cross-border pipeline, maritime oil and gas receiving channel.