Cultural system

First, the establishment of evaluation mechanism

Second, the establishment of inspection and supervision mechanism

Third, the establishment of new staff training compulsory mechanism

Guanghui energy core values


The 10 words of the same strain, self-contained, is the core of Guanghui corporate culture. Serious, intentions, passion is a layer of leaping working conditions, beliefs, determination is to support the staff and the pursuit of excellence in the spirit of enterprise coordinates, they are interrelated, each other, for our work has a strong guiding significance.

Guanghui energy entrepreneurial spirit

Concentrate on Creating Value

Unity of the people, we must first unify our thinking, clear Guanghui people's goals, that our common vision - Guanghui dream (into the world's top 500, all employees in the right jobs to achieve self-worth, Dignity, quality, more decent and happy life). Guanghui dream is the perfect combination of enterprise development goal and individual value realization, and it is closely related with every employee, so we need to make joint efforts. All employees must establish the overall situation awareness, the overall awareness, cooperation, and truly based on the post, clear power and responsibilities, internal information circuit smooth, and ultimately the formation of "high-level decision-making basis to ensure that the right thing to do the middle management to ensure correct To do things; grass-roots goal to ensure that things do the right "efficient mode of operation, so that the entire group of this huge machine on each gear in step to run, and then from condensing the heart to the cohesion of the process, the maximum play Guanghui the wisdom and energy of all staff for the development of Guanghui to create greater value, and then create greater value for the community.

Guanghui energy business mission

Guanghui energy 8 big idea

Development concept: steady, steady, steady, healthy and sustainable development

Market philosophy: integrity-based cooperation win-win situation

Work philosophy: timely and meticulous and meticulous work to work in a scientific and meticulous and meticulous work

Management philosophy: a comprehensive fine and efficient execution

Safety and environmental protection concepts: full bottom line thinking safety red line can not touch the bottom line of environmental protection can not be more

Talent concept: the right fit that is suitable for talent

Innovative concept: the pursuit of excellence Yong climb the peak

Incentive concept: a sense of belonging to sense of pride