Yijing Garden (Guan Yuan Road Project) drainage network engineering tender notice

Yijing Garden (Guan Yuan Road Project) Drainage outside the network engineering tender notice

1, the tender reference number: FEG201610280025

Guanghui Group real estate home buyers, on the Yijing Garden (Guan Yuen Road Project) drainage network engineering organizations bidding activities, welcome to meet the relevant conditions of the suppliers to participate in the bidding.

2, the project overview and scope of the tender: Please click on the bottom left corner of the material details of the table view.

3, the bidder qualification requirements

3.1 Bidders registered in the territory of the People's Republic of China, the registered capital of not less than 200 million yuan, can independently bear the civil liability of legal persons. The tender does not allow the consortium to participate in the tender.

3.2, the bidder within the past three years in the People's Republic of China without violation of discipline, no bad record, not included in the Guanghui Group blacklist, no bad behavior

3.3, the tender requirements of bidders to have to have three qualified housing and above, and in personnel, equipment, funds, etc. with the corresponding construction capacity. Foreign construction enterprises must have Xinjiang construction permit. And in personnel, equipment, funds, and so has the appropriate construction capacity. Not with the tender of the cooperation of the construction enterprises, the tender registration required to provide completed the same size of the performance contract and the completion of the original acceptance report, the tender will organize the performance of the study, the study can only participate in project bidding.

4, bidders must log Guanghuiguan electronic trading platform (http://zc.guanghui.com/) for bidding and opening activities, be sure to complete the registration before the bid and get the tender qualification, the successful situation will be publicized in this site.

5, online bidding methods: specific steps, please refer to the home page "Service Guide."

6, the tender documents for sale

6.1, the tender documents Price: 200 yuan (RMB), tender offer IFB

6.2, the purchase of tender documents Time: October 28, 2016 - November 20, 19:00 only (Beijing time, except holidays)

6.3, the purchase of tender documents:

(1) Cash payment

(2) bank transfer

Account Name: Xinjiang Guanghui Real Estate Development Co

Bank: Bank of China Xinhua North Road Branch

Bank account number: 107000645031

After the remittance of bidders, the bank transfer voucher copy, and marked on the copy of the tender project number, project name, contact the tender unit and contact information, fax to the corresponding tender center. Tender Center to open tender download accordingly. After the bidder to the tender unit of the financial sector to collect receipts.

6.4, tender offer: bidder successful bidder, the self-download the tender documents and tender documents template.

7, the tender unit to ask questions deadline: November 20, 2016 19:00 hours.

8, the tender closing time and opening time: at 10:00 on November 15, 2016 points, the bidders should be in the tender deadline before the electronic trading platform in Guanghui Group successfully submitted all the electronic tender documents.

9, opening time: at 10:30 on November 15, 2016 points.

10, opening location: real estate home opening room.

11, the tender process, if in doubt with real estate home Xing Xinlei, phone: 0991-2365524, mobile phone :, E-mail: 375170825@qq.com.

Complaints accepted: Guanghui Group Procurement Supervision Department Tel: 0991-2365012

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October 28, 2016