Serious work, happy life, with a positive expansion of the activities continue to enhance the overal

With a serious work attitude, a strong belief in the victory will win back business, so that the health of a happy state of mind, relaxed and warm emotions into life, with the unity of the collective power, Dreams infinite feelings cast tomorrow brilliant. In order to strengthen the cohesion and centripetal force of the employees of Guanghui Luyou Chemical Co., Ltd., to arouse the enthusiasm of the employees, enhance the vitality of the team, improve the amateur cultural life of the staff, enhance the team spirit of communication and coordination; cultivate new recruits to the company; Trust and belonging. Sulfur chemical company on August 14 to carry out the theme of "happy activities, the hearts of a dream; forge ahead in unity, pioneering and innovative" outreach activities.

General Manager Li Bingxue comrades in this event made a speech, Mr. Lee said the company since January 2016, the establishment of the chairman Lin found that comrades have repeatedly stressed: to build a can fight tough battle, dare to fight tough battle of the outstanding team, Is a good guarantee for the construction of sulfur chemical projects. The company will take this as the goal, the team, team building as the soul of the project to look at, and carefully build a style of hard, strong and trustworthy team of excellent. In accelerating the construction of the project at the same time pay attention to the amateur life enrichment, the real work in the staff to continue to meet the challenges, and constantly beyond the self-pleasure and confidence in life to enhance the practice of character, and constantly enrich the superiority and happiness of time sense.

Expansion activities include ice-breaking group, help each other, thousands of knot, emotional release, charm bloom and other five links. The purpose of the campaign is to focus on improving the accuracy of team communication. To train staff to unite and cooperate closely to overcome the difficult team spirit. To cultivate the team's ability to plan, organize and coordinate. To train staff to obey the command and meticulous work attitude. The essence of teamwork deeply penetrates into the heart of every participant.